Dozens of municipal ordinances restricting pesticides in public parks, playgrounds, and schools around the country are at risk of being reversed by a rider in the House of Representatives Farm Bill. This provision would create federal preemption laws prohibiting local control of pesticides like glyphosate, dicamba or 2,4-D.

 Sec. 9101 of the House’s farm bill could potentially overturn 155 different ordinances protecting residents from toxic pesticide use in public areas.

This rider is opposed by the National League of Cities and the National Association of County Officials. Over 100 members of Congress have expressed their opposition to the pesticide preemption in section 9101 in a letter sent to the committee members this August. Mayors Ethan Strimling and Claudia C. Cohen of Maine say that section 9101 hurts the ability of communities to protect the health, and environment of citizens.

Chemical industry groups like CropLife America are lobbying hard to get this provision to go through and protect their profits. We need to stand with those that oppose Section 9101, and tell the committee to reject this dangerous rider so that municipalities can protect residents, children, pets and the environment from exposure to toxic pesticides.

Read more about the farm bill rider here.


Phone calls make the most impact!

Senate Ag Committee: (202) 224-2035

House Ag Committee: 202-225-2171

Let them know you stand with thousands of other people who support the 1991 Supreme Court decision that rejected the industry position and affirmed the rights of local governments to adopt more restrictive pesticide standards than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.




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