Dozens of municipal ordinances restricting pesticides in public parks, playgrounds, and schools around the country are at risk of being reversed by a rider in the House of Representatives Farm Bill. This provision would create federal preemption laws prohibiting local control of pesticides like glyphosate, dicamba or 2,4-D.  Sec. 9101 of the House’s farm bill could… Continue reading STOP THE FARM BILL RIDER


Are Lawn Chemicals Toxic? Answers From Experts

Parents, grandparents and many others may wonder what harm there is in hiring a company to treat their lawn, or using the four step programs sold at most hardware stores. The newest book from Dr. Phillip Landrigan, and Mary Landrigan, MPA addresses this issue with practical advice in chapter 8 of Children and Environmental Toxins: What… Continue reading Are Lawn Chemicals Toxic? Answers From Experts